Stay Well. Be Safe.

We are proud to welcome a North American made, well-formulated, and consumer affordable family of antibacterial personal care products that work to Sanitize and Hydrate the skin.

  • Highest Quality Ingredients 

  • Germ Eliminating and Hydrating

  • Affordably Priced 




We are proud to support the Brick & Mortar Network!

Rooted in the belief of ‘use it or lose it’, the Brick & Mortar Network aims to develop and provide various complimentary tools in an effort to support the small businesses within our communities.


Considering the significant setbacks endured in result to the global COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses are in desperate need of assistance and must reignite their operations in order to survive.


The Brick & Mortar Network, powered by ShieldPlex®, has created various avenues for the benefit of small business owners who can utilize support

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